Burdock Hair, 2017. 

  THEY SEE ME ROLLING,  2017. Video, 1:46 min.

THEY SEE ME ROLLING, 2017. Video, 1:46 min.

 Book Requests, 2017 - ongoing.

Book Requests, 2017 - ongoing.

AKO/I AM, 2017. Poster, 16x20 in.

Cyanotypes of my grandmother, 2014. Cyanotype on Stonehenge, 3.75x4.5 in. Sequence of 70 prints.

Soft Divider, 2015. Flagging tape, pins, ladder. 

Untitled, 2012. 

Untitled, 2010. Silver gelatin print, 8x10 in.

Burdock Needlepoint, 2017. Burdock burs, needlepoint pattern. Archival pigment print, 18x18 in.

Monstera, 2017.

Prescribed Burn, 2016. Archival pigment print, 30x30 in.

walking lightly on the land (color range), 2014. Archival pigment print, 16x20 in. Abiquiu, New Mexico.

Migration, 2013. Archival pigment print, 16x20 in.

Ghost House (Red Frame), 2015. Yarn and monofilament, temporary installation. Archival pigment print, 17x22 in.

Open Canopy, 2014. Ribbon, stones. Dimensions variable.

Canopy Room, 2014. Vinyl tablecloths, string, stones. Dimensions variable.

Soft Bricks, 2013. Handsewn inkjet prints on fabric, foam. 7.5x3.5x2 in.

  Cutting Out a Space,  2011. Series of 10 silver gelatin prints, 11x14 in.

Cutting Out a Space, 2011. Series of 10 silver gelatin prints, 11x14 in.